Vertical Root: Norwegian designed. Made in New York.

Vertical Root looks to maintain the Green Shift fully, offering Vertical Gardens as a Food Security solution.

Vertical Root is a NY based startupping company that, on our thoughts, offers a disruptive way to sustain Food Security concerns.
We exchanged a few words with Frances D. Juárez, CEO and Founder of Vertical Root, on how and why his company was born.

“When Covid-19 created international lockdowns, there were reports of food security concerns.” Frances told us. “Due to the fact that many farmworkers are migrants from Mexico and Central America, they were simply not let into the United States to work. Many farms were letting harvests rot or even dumping tons due to lack of "big buyers" (ie. restaurants). Soon enough I saw the deteriorating produce supply at local grocery stores and knew I had to fulfill this venture as food security is a global concern.
The concept has been on my mind for years and was slowly coming to fulfillment after leaving my last position as Chief Marketing Officer in Norway. I moved to New York only in February. We are now completing Concept & Research. In Q3 2020 we expect our New York pilot project and commercial sales in Q4 2020.”

By re-engineering, NASA derived vertical farming techniques, with a strong focus in design, Vertical Root offers city dwellers the opportunity to plug-and-"grow" hyper-local organic produce. Grow over 50 edible plants in a smart, IOT system conserving water with 95% less use than conventional agricultural methods, as well as fertilizer reduction by 60 percent, and pesticide usage by 100 percent.
“The final product - continued Frances D. Juárez - should be the physical footprint as a big-screen television, growing over 50 plants, such as salads, herbs, mini vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant), various beans and berries, while a secondary use is that of air quality. The system may be filled with flowers and herbs to provide aromatherapeutic benefits.“

"Our vertical gardening system promotes urban adaptability while increasing household sustainability, no floor space is used with this product. A sleek aesthetic wall installation so expands market fit and takes lion's share of the market".

Every solution should be evaluated to increase the basic components of Food Security and Vertical Root can contribute to generate a new green leap to shift food closer to people.

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Vertical Root

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